Printing: How do I print using WEPA?

For SU Students, Faculty/Staff:

All SU community members have a WEPA account.

The SU community, with SU credentials, can log in at any WEPA kiosk. Log in with your SU email address or your SUNet credentials, or simply swipe your SU ID card at any kiosk. You can deposit funds with a credit/debit card from any kiosk. This is the least expensive way to pay to print, $5 dollar minimum deposit. Costs are 15¢ (cents) per page for black and white, and 57¢ per page for color.

Load print drivers for MacBooks through IC's Self Service App found in your applications folder or on the IC Support Page.

For Community Members (Visitors):

For those who do not have SU credentials, you are still able to print using a WEPA kiosk.

You can proceed in a variety of ways (first two are easiest for one-time printing):

  1. Email document to print to

  2. Insert USB drive into WEPA kiosk 

  3. Use the WEPA Print App for a laptop or mobile app (from Google Play or iOS App Store for mobile devices.

You can pay using your credit/debit card at the kiosk or purchase a WEPA card at the circulation desk in Smith Library. Costs will vary, and WEPA will add a $0.20 (20¢) surcharge for using a credit or debit card to pay directly for printing a single page.