Can I reserve a study room?

In general, library study spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. These include enclosed spaces for group study on the 2nd floor and basement level, booth-style rooms and study carrels for individual study, and open study space on the first, second, and basement levels.

For times when you need to plan ahead, four selected study rooms are reservable:

  • Room 210 (South Group Study Room) 
  • Room 212 (Stockton Reading Room) 
  • Room 225 (Archives Conference Room)
  • Room 39 (Group Study Room)  

Scan the QR code at the door of the room, or visit to check the schedule and create a booking.

  • Requires your email address.
  • Maximum 2 hours per person per day.
  • Rooms may be used when not reserved, but reservations always take priority.